Friday, August 28, 2009

May 2009

I haven't done a whole lot thats been car related this past month. Collected a few more parts for my '35. Studied and thought about things. Worked on our new race car (post 1955). In general its been a relaxing month.
Something that has sparked my interest(again) is the work of M.C. Escher. I had always seen his prints and admired them for their face value. Never taking the time to really learn about them, study them, or try to replicate them.
The past few weeks I have done alot of this. I bought a few books, a DVD and read alot online. Something about the mathematical thought process combined with the artistic, just has me fascinated. Im surely on the bottom end of the learning curve, but feeling rather positive with some of the simplified results that I have acheived.
I'd like to continue to work further with this and eventually be able to step outside the lines of "copying" and begin to do things more automotive related. I may lose interest with the nice weather, but eventually I'd hope to pick back up and continue to work forwards with it.
I wasn't intending to write about this subject on here. Then, just this morning I came across a quote of Eschers. Which ties this all back to cars, atleast in my mind.
This quote really summed up my thoughts on the old cars that I love so much. With building to a period, your more of less just trying to emulate the thought processes of the past. Not improve upon it with a modern day mind. Not change things for the sake of standing out from the crowd. But down right copying what was done in the past to acheive the "perfect" car.
No fear of braging your own ideas, no fear of bending the truth of the past. Just honest to goodness perfection in your narrowed field of vision.

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