Friday, August 28, 2009

January 2009

My focus on the entirety of hot rodding in general has changed lately......maybe its with the new year...maybe its just me getting older?The way I felt before(like 6 months ago maybe) was....I wanted to inform people, I wanted the world to see the great joys in the simple things of life. I wanted to be involved in people learning real history compared to the falsafied crap thats shoved down your throat in the world. Hot Rodding didnt start after WWII, the movie "The Wild One" wasn't really what happened at Hollister, etc. But see....... I feel kinda differently now... Im not sure how to explain it or really what caused me to change I dont wana be the lead man to show the way anymore.... Im taking joy in figuring out the past, knowing it.... having it in my heart, my soul......I am burnt out on the general population of america, I try my best to stay out of crowded places, I try not to drive on conjested roads..... I've begun to take so much more joy in the fact that the grass is green, the sky is blue, it always has been and most likely always will be.
My world is surrounded by everything "new", new cars, new gadgets, computers, cell phones. You can't live in a world of the past anymore, you can't go all day every day without seeing something new passing by. The world evolves around you and you have to evolve with it to survive.
Mark Morton writes alot about the "unwashed" I think he's refering to the general public, and how they dont get it because they dont want to get it(our world, hot rodding). They dont care, they dont want to care, they want to be entertained and they want to drive their SUV with DVD's, go home watch TV in their BVD's, sleep, work, repeat.... They're content so let them be.
Me, I take joy in driving my cars....not to car shows, not to anywhere where anyone sees me, but just driving them... fast, slow, just going.... maybe for a 5 minute trip, maybe for an hour To me that is what its all about, the smells of the old car in the open air....its my time machine...anytime I want, day or night...I can go back in time, I just close my eyes and imagine pointing that old jalopy down the dusty back road and holding the pedal to the floor. That thought, that vision, that feeling in my gut, thats IT.... the holy grail of all thats right in the world. I wasnt there in the 30's-40's-50's etc.... I wasnt even born till 1982.... But I'll be damned if I'm missing out on it because im 60 years too late. I'm not reminissing....I'm doing it!
Theres places for reenactors to go because they want to relive the past,say their era of focus is WWII, they want to feel what it felt like during the war... they can't just go out in their back yard and be in that scinerio... they can't be surrounded by old airplanes, jeeps, motorcycles, other people but see.... I can....I can go out, hop in my roadster.... and go....go back in time.....I put a damn lot of effort and time into being able to do that and understanding whats going on when im doing it. I think it makes it that much more worth while to me.
I love being able to have these websites and message boards and being able to help people who are seriously interested and more often then not learn from those with more knowledge then me. But theres a reason I try not to brag about this Flyers Board, or even talk about it really.... Its kinda like the 19 people who read hop-up... if it matters to you, you found it and your already reading it.
Have fun for the sake of having fun.... for YOU
Smell the roses and burn some rubber.....
Happy Hot Rodding everyone....


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