Friday, August 28, 2009

July 2009

July is a month of "I don't know". Alot has been happening in my world and alot is leaving me confused and frustrated. Alot of things I'll leave unsaid as they are far off the topic of old cars....
I don't want to seem down in the dumps about it all. I just feel theres been alot of inactivity on my part. I have been working on an English wheel. Building it from scratch as theres none available with a design suitable for what I need in making track noses. Plus even if one were available the price for some of the larger ones is just astronomical.
Working on something outside of the normal rhelm of cars is drawing my focus from the cars in general. I have been getting bored reading other message boards, seeing the same things over and over and over. Almost looking at it all from an outside perspective it seems??
I've gotten so deep into this world that deals just keep falling in my lap. When I first started out I was excited to see a roadster at a car show. Excited to find ANY multi-carb intake for a flathead. I remember how terribly thrilled I was to buy my first model-B motor. My first model-A was a sport coupe... and I was still just tickled pink to have it sitting at MY house!
It seems now that I'm immune to it all.
Talking to a friend of mine the other day, we were saying about it being kinda boring around home lately. Then it sort of hit me what we were saying.
There we were, standing in my driveway SURROUNDED by the coolest stuff anyone could imagine. From old jalopy coupe race cars, to dry lakes roadsters, to 40's Ford tractors. Its all there, to touch feel, drive, work on, etc. I've built a world around myself that I couldn't even have imagined 5 years ago.
I've filled every nook and crannie of my basement, yard, and shed with these cool old things. I've gone so far as to where I have a car stored at someone else's house too.(thanks Andy)
The good stuff has taken over by leaps and bounds from the "junk" I initially brought home. Now we're tripping over highrise Weiand intakes, 21 stud flatheads, & Winfield heads. But I'm growing immune. Its very cool, I love having all this stuff, but for what?
I've always wanted more more more, more cars, more parts, more...............
Now, looking at it all in a new light.
I think "the list" is getting shorter......
Maybe its not all about the iron?
The blue sky, green grass, open road and the friends you meet......
Jer(thomasS&C) and I went to a little car show. The first one, within walking distance of my house. Only about a dozen cars showed up. None fitting the bill of what I'd like to drive home aside from our 2 roadsters. We got alot of questions about "kit cars" and other odd inquireys from those not immersed in the world of old hot rods. I joked around with some old friends who heckle me to put a small block chevy in my roadster. Talked with people about Jeeps, tractors, and even listened while one old guy tried to talk another into getting a model-T. Lots of joking around and having fun without concern of who has the correct Stewart Warner gauges or the correct fittings on the fuel line. Just a bunch of old farts having fun.
We left the show and decided to take a lap around the block. Our block isn't really a block, you see we live out in the country so its more or less a couple mile loop around a few roads. Some wide open straights mixed in with some tight twisty turns.
Our 2 roadsters screaming along, back and forth between 2nd and 3rd gear. Tires howling as the back end just starts to break loose on most corners. We took a little detour and went behind a highschool and raced slolom through the different patches of parking lot. Left our trail of curved black marks and then went home.
2 old worn out flatheads in a pair of jalopy roadsters racing around the back roads and parking lots on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.......
Thats what its all about..............................

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  1. Amen brother.
    I only wish I had some friends like yours to race! Jared aka McFly : )