Friday, August 28, 2009

June 2009

It seem winter really drags on here in PA, but the month's sure fly by when its nice out...
I haven't done alot in the last month. A bunch of friends stopped by before the Jalopy Showdown to hang around at my house. Met a few more people I had only conversated with online. So that was pretty nice.
I seem to be having problems with the engines in both of my "finished(??)" roadsters. So I haven't driven them too much. I've been doing alot of collecting towards starting on my '35 coupe. I'm attempting to spare no expense in getting exactly the parts I want for it. No compromizes!
Next year will be the 75th anniversary of the 1935 Ford. Hopefully I can stay motivated and finish the car for the occasion.
Not too much else to write about for now...

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