Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm sure this is a common trend throughout the world of people obsessed with collecting things. Your search is over, that one thing(its always just one thing isn't it?) you've wanted is finally able to be bought! Your in a different world... I've related this feeling to what people must feel when sky diving.

I have never had the urge to sky dive and therefore this is entirely speculation. I picture that your standing on a plane, way up in the air... nerves are building... something made you get up here, something made you want to do this. That first step from a solid foundation of the airplane into the world of nothing but wind resistance. Theres a rush... high speed... uncertainness.....then you relax... you give in to the fact of what your doing... the parachute deploys... you see the view... you enjoy the rest of the ride at a relaxed pace back to earth.... Then, your back on earth, you did it, you survived, you want to do it again!!

This may sound odd to some people... but these are very similar emotions to what I feel when buying things that I've searched for.

Theres the initial search(airplane ride)... The find(looking out the open door)... the price!(nerves!)...the money changes hands(the jump)..... you own it!(free fall euphoria) get it home and sit it on the shelf or bolt it to a car or whatever you do with whatever you bought(the parachute ride to earth).... its old news (your own the ground).....DO IT AGAIN!...

Many people don't have these feelings... they don't lust after things in this manner. People need something, they buy it! Most of what they feel they need in life is readily available. They don't get to experience this thrill. They buy what they want or need, use it, throw it away, buy it again. Its nothing,it means nothing,its another day of their lives.

People may view my life as strange, may consider me a hoarder, a collector, whatever... I don't expect many people to understand.

The reason for this rambling is that last night I was able to purchase a "book" that I have been hunting for a few years now. Since buying a house, my money has been tight and I've had to severly cut down on the purchasing of things. Which inturn cuts down on the amount of times I get that "sky dive high".

I drove only a few short miles to meet up with a friend to see this book that he had for sale. Honestly I was hoping he had sold it before I saw it, as I had no idea what value he would place on it and if too much, I didn't know if I could control my spending. There it was, he handed it over... I had it... in my hands... flipping through the 60+ year old paper. Excited...but still not knowing the price... A bit of back and forth over who would make an offer... and finally a number was said... I had just enough money in my pocket... it was mine... it IS mine... I have it... This book I have been hunting for so long, never seeing another copy for sale, never seeing another copy in person or online, other then the cover... Finally... it is mine....This hand typed book about how to build a hot rod from May 1st 1947... I'm sure theres not anything in here that I haven't already learned from countless other publications. But this simple home brewed copy of how to do it, has just had me awestruck for so long that I could barely contain my excitement to finally own it...(this is when you almost forget to pull the parachute)....

I got it home... read through it immediately... took a photo of the cover... then... went to bed... happy as could be!!

Material posessions shouldn't be the things that rule your life... but from time to time... they sure do put a smile on your face!!

Now what were those other papers that were mentioned for sale.....

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