Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Printed Matter.....

When you want to learn about the past, the best way to do so is to go to the past. This is easier then it may seem. A few options are available to you. You can talk to those who were there. Either taking their memory as fact or sometimes with a grain of salt. Another option is to look around for the information printed or photos taken in the time period. This information has not had the oppertunity to be influenced by more recent events. While still not being able to take whats written as 100% truth. This at times is our best option. Sometimes though, you have to skip the words and use the pictures. Creating your own 1000 words to go along with them.

Finding an original copy of Hot Rod, Hop-Up, or the illusive Throttle. When you open up these old books... the smells of time escape and entrap you. Your more or less in a time machine. You are staring at exactly what those before you stared at. Your picking up the same clues and "new" ideas as they did. If only you could erase all modern influence and jump into this information with with the brain of an 18 year old in 1941. Even though mistakes were printed, the past was built on those mistakes of the time before.

Unfortunately, its not 1941-1948-1951-1953-etc..... Your here in 2009, the information superhighway is speeding by. In seconds you can hop on the HAMB, click onto Hop-Up's website, check out many of the other websites out there. New books are being printed, new photos found that have been stashed away or never developed.

I am infinitely thankful to those who are making an effort to keep the past alive. Don Montgomery, Albert Drake, and the many many others who are putting "old" information out there in the world.

Recently the Rodders Journal has put out 2 books that fall right into the rhelm of my interest. They announced a bound version of all issues of Throttle magazine from 1941. Of course I was on the pre-order list as fast as possible. I received a signed and numbered (0072) copy, and I couldn't be more pleased. I have had copies of all the issues for a few years now, but the quality of this book at the price of around $40, just couldn't be beat! I recommend everyone go find yourself a copy and set that time machine back 68 years.....

The 2nd book that became available is titled "Hot Rods & Custom Cars". It features rare photos by Strother MacMinn. This book was raved about as being a rare limited edition and inturn the price reflected the hype. $125 was a steep sum, but when you can't go without "more info" you just open your wallett and fork over the cash.

I recieved this book a few weeks ago and have been leary to write anything about it. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to the Rodders Journal for making these photos available. The unfortunate thing that I see though is the obvious mistakes in the text which accompanies these great photos. Also from what I understand, there were alot more photos available, and I feel that for the price I would have been happier with a complete photo album, leaving me on my own to come up with captions. The fact is those willing to spend $125 on a book of this sort most likely have the ability to do so.

Support those making this information available to us as much as you can.

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